Male Enhancement Lotions

Not a lot of people spend time thinking about why our bodily functions work, or even how they do what they do. This may be especially true when talking about the erection of the penis. After all, when it occurs, few men have their minds on the science and biology behind it. This can even continue to be true for men who are no longer able to get or maintain the erection they were once capable of. Luckily for those men, however, there are scientists and men of medicine who have made it their business to learn the science behind the erection. It is through this knowledge that they have been able to adapt and create various helping hands when it comes to curing and treating the problem of lost erections.

The Biology of the Erection

Before we go any further, it’s important to get at least a layman’s grasp of what happens when a man gets an erection. First, the penis is stimulated in one of two ways: either with direct physical stimulation, or through mental stimulation, which may require no contact at all. Most often, it is some combination of the two. The erection itself then occurs through a unique and complex system of processes. First, nitric oxide is released into the penis, readying the veins there for the infusion of blood from other areas. Once this is completed, the blood itself engorges the area, creating the erection itself. At the same time, the veins that will be used to take the blood away from the penis are constricted, thus keeping the blood in place. But when erectile dysfunction occurs, something along the chain of command is not working as it should.

How Lotions Can Help

There are several reasons why pills are not the optimal way to treat issues of premature ejaculation. Certainly, pills such as Viagra and Cialis have worked wonders for many men. There is no taking that away. However, because of the way the body works, a pill cannot work instantly. It must be absorbed into the bloodstream slowly by digestion. This makes both pills somewhat inconvenient when it comes to spontaneity. But there is a bigger reason why these pills may not represent the best method of treating ED. That reason is liver toxicity. Any oral medication must pass through the liver before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Over time, this can take a toll on the liver, no matter how mild the medication may be. With lotions, both of these problems are eliminated. Lotions work almost instantly, and because they are applied directly to the penis, there are no issues with side effects and liver toxicity.

The MaxoDerm Solution

When it comes to male enhancement lotions, no company has stepped to the forefront like Barmensen Labs. With their revolutionary product, MaxoDerm, they have helped thousands of men, and perhaps saved just as many relationships from crumbling apart. They are giants in their field, and their product is respected for a reason. If you have been having problems in the bedroom, you really do owe it to yourself to give this product a try. If it does not seem quite right for you, there is no risk involved. The company offers a full guarantee on their product.